curated by Gaia Bindi and Piero Gilardi 21th June – 20th October 2019

On Thursday 20th June 2019, a collective exhibition inaugurates at PAV Parco Arte Vivente with the works of Gea Casolaro, Michelangelo Consani, Leone Contini, Piero Gilardi, Michele Guido, Ugo La Pietra, Wurmkos and Marco Bailone. The show propose a reflection on the complementary pair of two strategic goals of ecological movements and their social basis: resistance and resilience.

Resistance, considered in its strong social connotation, can be considered, as said by John Holloway, the expression of a rebel subjectivity which starting from 1968 and its revolutionary requests, it gradually grows in all the continents where the rapacity of capitalism and neoliberalism planned new systems and infrastructures to rob and to pollute the natural environment, crashing with tenacious and long-lasting opposition movements such as, in the case of Italy, NO TAV, NOT TAP and NO MOUS.

Since early 2000, resilience became the other strategic axis based on the crossing of the ambiguous idea of sustainability, and therefore on the merging of various forms of autonomy and social resistance operating on a local level and often already connected between themselves by mutual collaboration relationships.

The historic foundation of resilience identifies in the fact that an autonomous and “wild” nature doesn’t exist anymore because, as Gilles Clément say, today’s nature is hybrid as a result of the complex and entangled interactions occurring between the human forces and those of the biosphere. The ecological resilience movements experiment locally, but in a concrete way, a new homeostatic management of the man-nature relationship.

The resistant/resilience strategy, together with other anti-capitalist movements, such as anti-colonialism, anti-racism and feminism, fight and act with the final goal to change the macropolitics of the globalized ecocide society.
Today’s environmental artists place themselves inside this molecular movement of struggle, increasing with their experiences the clarification of the ecological crisis, the interdependence of social actions and the awareness extent of the Anthorpocene crisis for the masses.

The aim of this exhibition at PAV is to show and divulge the activity of some Italian artists, in accord with the chosen theme, through the realization of specific projects in the interior and external areas of the experimental centre of environmental art.

Among the interventions Gea Casolaro presents the video Prima che la notte duri per sempre and a show of images of her installation Vivaio Eternot in Casale Monferrato. Michelangelo Consani who placed the installation of a deer in the PAV’s park as “natural” resistance to art. Leone Contini has realized an arbor with the plantation of various types of cucurbite, whose fruits are typical of the vegetable gardens and the dining halls of the migrant communities in Italy. Piero Gilardi shows his interactive installation Resilience on the sequoia theme. Michele Guido on the one hand exhibits the sculptures of Ceiba Project and on the other, outside, a vegetable garden in the park for the production of seeds of uncommon and ancient vegetable species. Ugo La Pietra has placed inside PAV’s courtyard five gazebos with bonsai and symbolic objects of the ecosophy while, simultaneously, he offers a graphic exposition about his

PAV – Parco Arte Vivente – Via Giordano Bruno 31, 10134 Torino, Italy, +39.011.3182235,

experiences in the urban ecology field. The group Wurmkos has realised a “topia” vineyard incorporating a convivial space on the slopes of PAV’s hill; the illustrator Marco Bailone painted a mural about the struggle in Valsusa.

At 5 pm, before the opening, Marco Revelli, Guido Viale and Barbara (spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Italia) will talk with the two curators in a round table discussion.

Within the initiatives planned for the in-depth analysis of the exhibition, PAV’s Attività Educative e Formative propose various workshops led by the artists themselves.
The first occasion was the workshop led by Michele Guido, Cosmos seeds garden project_2014/19 on March 14th and 15th, 2019. On June 29th there will be the workshop led by Wurmkos group.
To take part in the workshop booking is required: 011 3182235 –

The exhibition is realised with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT, Regione Piemonte, Città di Torino and Fondazione Centro Studi Piero Gilardi.